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With 50 majors and over 70 minors you can mix and match from a wide variety of programs to create your own powerful combination. Our courses in both the liberal arts and professional fields of study tap into your passions and provide skills for success after graduation.

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  • Accounting

    At RWU, our Accounting program is all about the practical knowledge you need to become a professional accountant. Students take an in-depth look at contemporary accounting systems used to analyze, interpret and communicate financial information to clients and stakeholders. Combined with real-world internship experience, you’ll be prepared to pursue a professional accounting certificate (such as the CPA) after graduation.

  • Anthropology + Sociology

    Our unique Anthropology + Sociology program combines the ideas and methods of these two social sciences into an integrated study of social change, diversity and cultural awareness, both locally and globally. You’ll build strong hands-on research skills to prepare you for a career in community and social service or an advanced degree in law, education, social work or public policy.

  • Applied Mathematics

    Applied Mathematics at RWU moves beyond theory, using math and statistics to solve practical real-world problems in fields like chemistry, environmental science and scientific computing. With small class sizes and opportunities to co-author publications with faculty, our Applied Mathematics program will set you up for a successful career in business, engineering, health care, government and more.

  • Aquaculture and Aquarium Science

    Learn how to raise fish and shellfish through RWU’s unique and innovative program in Aquaculture and Aquarium Science, offered in partnership with the New England Aquarium in Boston. You’ll study and conduct research in our state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building, which is home to nearly 200 aquaria, the state’s only shellfish hatchery and our renowned tropical marine ornamental program.

  • Architecture

    A degree in Architecture combines rigorous professional training in design, history, planning and technology with a broad liberal arts education. Our students have the opportunity to study Architecture in Europe and get their work critiqued by accomplished professionals through RWU’s one-of-a-kind Teaching Firm in Residence Program. When you complete this accredited program, you’ll be prepared to take the next step toward becoming a professional architect.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Art and Architectural History

    As an Art and Architectural History student, you’ll immerse yourself in the study of visual culture and its philosophical, aesthetic and social meanings across history. Through coursework, internships and a semester abroad at our Florence architectural studio, you’ll explore the interconnectedness of the arts and develop the analytical and critical skills needed for a career in teaching, museums and galleries, art conservation and commercial art.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Arts Management

    The Arts Management Minor is a multi-disciplinary minor designed for art majors or business students who are interested in a possible career in support of the arts. Students from the arts programs would be introduced to financial management of arts organizations, technology applications, business management, and marketing. Students with a business major will meet the arts focus through a core concentration in the arts (VARTS, MUSIC, DANCE, THEAT, CREATIVE WRITING or FILM STUDIES MINOR). All students have the opportunity to apply learning and practice through an internship or other project-based experience at an arts organization. The capstone course will engage all students with practitioners from performing and visual arts organizations and provide grounding in issues common to managing any arts institutions from smaller troupes or galleries to larger civic venues and museums.

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  • Biochemistry

    As a Biochemistry major, you’ll delve into the science at the intersection of biology and chemistry: the biological applications of chemistry and the chemical processes necessary for biological life to exist. Through RWU’s rigorous coursework in subjects such as bioinformation, neurobiology and biotechnology combined with research and internships, you’ll be well prepared for graduate study and your future career.

  • Biology

    A degree in Biology is the key to fulfilling and in-demand careers in health and medicine, scientific research, education and more. At RWU, you’ll study topics like evolutionary biology, environmental toxicology and antimicrobial drug design in our state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building. Through lectures, labs, fieldwork and independent research, you’ll discover the interconnected processes that shape the living world.

  • Biotechnology

    Develop your mastery of the technical skills of biology and chemistry through RWU’s Biotechnology program. With this certification, which includes additional training, research and internship experience for Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Marine Biology majors, you’ll gain a competitive edge as you work toward graduate school or a career in biomedical research, biotech or the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Business

    Business knowledge and skills can enhance any professional career path, from communications to construction management and beyond. By minoring in Business, you’ll learn the basic principles of subjects such as accounting, economics, marketing, management and data analysis to prepare you to make sound strategic and fiscal decisions in a variety of workplaces.

  • Business Administration (MBA)

    Designed for RWU undergraduates or students with undergraduate business degrees from AACSB-accredited institutions, this accredited, one-year Master of Business Administration program offers a convenient and time-efficient way to earn your MBA. In just one year, you will gain the strategic thinking, problem solving and leadership skills to prepare you for the competitive business environment. The program combines classes in core business disciplines at our state-of-the-art Metro Campus in Providence with a required internship and international study to give you practical real-world experience both at home and on the global stage.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Business Analytics

    The Business Analytics Minor is a multi-disciplinary minor designed for business and non-business students who are interested in expanding their knowledge in data analytics from various angles. Students will learn essential technology and statistics/quantitative methods in real-world practices including data generation, data analytics, data mining, data reporting, and storage between and across organizations. All students have the opportunity to enhance their skills through an internship at any data analytics related positions.

  • Business, Undeclared

    Undeclared? We know that not every student arrives with a specific area of focus in mind. That's why we make it easy for you to explore the many majors within the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business before you choose what sparks your passion.


  • Chemistry

    As a Chemistry major at RWU, you can pursue an American Chemical Society-certified B.S. degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Environmental Chemistry. B. A. degrees are also an option, and are easily incorporated as a second major, when combined with another major in science. No matter which you choose, you’ll develop the laboratory, critical thinking and research skills to succeed in graduate school, medical school or a career in chemistry. Students can collaborate with faculty on research as early as their first year, presenting their research at chemistry meetings across the U.S.

  • Chinese

    Immerse yourself in the world’s most widely spoken language by studying Chinese at RWU. You’ll not only develop proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Chinese, but you’ll also explore China’s rich history, philosophy and politics, gaining valuable knowledge that can help broaden your career path in business, journalism, education, the arts and more.

  • Civic Media and Community Engagement

    The Civic Media and Community Engagement minor is perfect for students who want to learn how to use their best skillsets to improve quality of life in different communities. As part of this program, students will learn to research and find solutions to real social problems, many of them extremely complex such as how to solve the housing crisis, how to improve our capacity to welcome refugees, how to adapt local communities to the consequences of climate change, how to mitigate toxic and hazardous pollution through environmental justice, and much more.

  • Cloud Computing

    This intensive, career-oriented certificate prepares students to harness the power of innovative cloud technology to transform the future of digital infrastructure.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Communication & Media Studies

    Investigate the relationship between culture and communication in our globally diverse society through the Communication & Media Studies program at RWU. Our students learn how to apply their writing, research and problem-solving skills to public advocacy and building community across cultures, cultivating a strong sense of social justice and civil responsibility that prepares them for work and life in an ever-changing world.

  • Computational Mathematics

    When you study Computational Mathematics at RWU, you’ll learn how to apply principles of math to computers and computer science fields. The curriculum emphasizes practical computational methods and use of technology -- skills you can apply to solve problems in your future career in the technology industry or the sciences.

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science is about more than performing calculations and learning specific programming languages -- it’s about precision, problem solving and creating technology services and solutions that will work in an increasingly complex future. With coursework that combines solid theory, real-world practice and specialization options, RWU students are ready for high-demand career fields from app developers to large scale software systems designers.

  • Construction Management

    The accredited undergraduate Construction Management program at RWU prepares future leaders of residential, commercial and highway building. Through classes, labs and hands-on projects in engineering, business, math, science, law and liberal arts, you’ll learn how to manage construction projects from start to finish -- including scheduling, budgeting, choosing materials and safely supervising people. That’s why construction employers regularly report that our graduates exceed expectations for performance. The graduate program offering provides advanced coursework in project management, construction finance, law, and other topics for aspiring construction leaders.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Creative Writing

    Pursue the art of writing with a degree in Creative Writing from RWU, where students study with a practicing faculty of published authors and produce a national literary magazine. Through writing and analyzing creative works, you’ll learn how to express your ideas, tell stories and apply creative thinking to careers in writing, publishing, journalism, advertising and more.

  • Criminal Justice

    RWU’s interdisciplinary Criminal Justice program combines courses in policing, corrections and procedure with studies in the social sciences to introduce you to the theory and practice of criminal law and the moral complexity of the criminal justice system. Along with internships and the guidance of our faculty of experienced practitioners, you’ll be prepared for careers such as law enforcement, counseling and probation or to advance into graduate study or law school.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Cultural Studies

    Have you ever wondered ... Where the "Me Too" Movement really began? Why so many people went to see Black Panther? The true impact of hip hop in America? How transgender rights will be affected by the current political climate? How to have a successful protest?

    Cultural Studies peers beneath the surface of the pop culture you consume, the music you listen to, the clothes you buy, the​​ foods you eat, the places you visit, the speeches you hear, the things you read, and the art you see. We invite you to examine​​​​ impact of identity on American culture. Through lenses of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, region, class, immigration, nationality, age, dis/ability, and religion, we study the ways that positionality affect the lived experiences of people. You will have the opportunity to craft your own interdisciplinary program of study that concentrates on aspects of American culture and society that will best prepare you for life after college.

  • Cybersecurity

    As technology threats continue to grow worldwide, so does the demand for highly trained cybersecurity experts. RWU’s Cybersecurity degree combines technical skills, situational management and problem solving to train you for a career in information security. Created in partnership with industry professionals, this cutting-edge program is taught online using virtual environments to simulate the operating systems that you’ll monitor on the job.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Cybersecurity & Networking

    The B.S. in Cybersecurity and Networking program is a four (4) year undergraduate Bachelor of Science program designed to meet the increasing professional needs of the Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense industries.


  • Dance/Performance

    Discover the full breadth of professional dance through Dance/Performance at RWU, where you’ll study technique and theory, collaborate with composers and work internationally during our semester-long Dancing in London Program. Our faculty -- all working professionals in the field -- give individual attention and guidance to broaden your career options beyond performance and choreography with additional coursework in fields such as education, therapy and management.

  • Digital Forensics

    Study the growing field of Digital Forensics at RWU, where students learn how to solve computer crimes like viruses, data sabotage and financial fraud. You’ll discover how investigators acquire, analyze and manage evidence collected from computers and mobile devices, as well as how to present this evidence in court.

    Graduate program offerings available


  • East Asian Studies

    East Asian Studies explores the cultures, history and politics of China, Japan and Korea. By studying these globally significant economies through coursework, language labs and study abroad opportunities, you’ll gain an appreciation for the region’s complex traditions, cultural resources and historic contributions to richen your future career in architecture, business, writing, education, history and more.

  • eBusiness

    Develop high-demand skills in web development, design and data analysis by studying eBusiness at RWU. Through hands-on coursework in computer science combined with studies in communications and marketing theory, you’ll learn how to create websites that engage visitors and effectively communicate your client’s message in their content, branding and technology.

  • Economics

    When you study Economics, you’ll learn the essential economic theories, systems and models that build critical and analytical thinking skills you can apply to any field -- including business, government, law, healthcare and social and community service. At RWU, you can pursue either a B.A. (liberal arts track or economics track) or a B.S. (business track), which both offer opportunities for student-faculty research and publishing that can pave the way to graduate studies.

  • Educational Studies

    A degree in Educational Studies from RWU opens the door to a variety of rewarding teaching careers outside of the classroom, such as family and child services, program development, community outreach and educational publishing. Through coursework, internships and service projects, you’ll examine the roles that teaching, learning, education policy and community organizations play in our society and culture.

  • Elementary Education

    When you study Elementary Education at RWU, you’ll prepare to educate the next generation by exploring a broad spectrum of classroom subjects and school settings, both urban and suburban, through four years of field experiences integrated into your curriculum. With small class sizes, individual attention from faculty and specialized training in educating high-needs youth, our program will provide you with the skills to become a certified elementary school teacher.

  • Engineering

    Engineering at RWU is unique in its structure: a broad, liberal arts-infused foundation of math, science and engineering layered with an in-depth specialization in civil, computer, electrical or mechanical engineering or a customized study. Through this accredited program, you’ll develop the creativity and flexibility to solve practical problems that benefit humanity in our complex and rapidly changing world.

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  • English Literary Studies

    This interdisciplinary major invites students to read, discuss, analyze and write about texts from Beowulf to #BLM. Whether we are reading or viewing Shakespeare’s plays, Lord of the Rings, or watching plays on the London stage, we consider relationships between great texts of the past to popular texts of the present.

  • Entrepreneurship

    The Entrepreneurship program, through both its major and minor, creates strong leaders, creative thinkers, and exemplary colleagues! We do this this by emphasizing the entrepreneurial mindset, that is, thinking like an entrepreneur whether in your own new venture or by spearheading innovation within an established organization. In this program we focus on on positive individual transformation by teaching students to continuously improve, to develop resilience, and to create and pursue their vision with unyielding determination.

  • Environmental Chemistry

    By studying Environmental Chemistry, you’ll learn how to use the concepts of chemistry to examine the environment -- namely, our air, water, soil and the contaminants that can pollute them. Combined with a degree in science, engineering or mathematics, you’ll gain knowledge you can use in your career and life to protect the environment and human health.

  • Environmental Science

    Housed in RWU’s Marine and Natural Sciences Building, the interdisciplinary Environmental Science program integrates biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics into an understanding of the natural world. Through research and an array of electives in fields like earth sciences, resource management and law, you’ll discover how humans affect nature and learn how to protect the environment in your career as a scientist, policymaker or educator.


  • Film Studies

    Film Studies at RWU explores the history, theory, criticism and aesthetics of cinema and the connections that movies have to broader social, cultural and political issues. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in film production, humanities and social sciences, you’ll learn how to use stories to communicate ideas in your career and everyday life.

  • Film, Animation and Video

    Film, a widely interdisciplinary subject, is located in both the Communications Program and the Visual Arts Program. Both programs work closely together to host a film curriculum that is both diverse and focused. The Film Studies Minor emphasizes film culture and history while the Visual Arts: Film, Animation and Video Minor emphasizes film production.

  • Finance

    Our Finance degree provides you with the analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills needed for careers across the financial services industry. At RWU, you’ll make actual investment decisions by managing real-money portfolios in our high-tech trading room environment. You will learn all the business and finance fundamentals required for employment at corporations, banks, investment firms, insurance companies and government agencies.

  • Food Studies

  • Forensic Science

    At RWU, our rigorous interdisciplinary Forensic Science program pairs legal courses with a strong scientific background in either biology or chemistry to teach you about the crucial role forensic science plays in criminal justice. You’ll learn how to examine, analyze and testify about physical evidence, which will prepare you for a career as a forensic science technician in a laboratory, hospital, university, medical examiner’s office or police department.


  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Gender and Sexuality Studies at RWU bridges subjects like literature, psychology, justice and politics to explore gender and sexuality issues in society. By investigating topics such as race, class, ethnicity and religion in sexual identity and the representation of gender in media, you’ll learn how to think and respond critically to social justice issues and civil discourse -- an essential skill for any career in our diverse global community.

  • Graphic Design

    A degree in Graphic Design from RWU blends solid communication theory with technical training in graphic arts skills, taught in the campus’ most sophisticated computer labs. Through courses in typography, brand identity, publication and web design combined with real-world internship experience, you’ll learn the best professional practices to prepare you for a career in the in-demand graphic design field.


  • History

    A degree in History is the key to critical, independent thinking -- leading you to careers in education, law, government and more. At RWU, our students learn how to interpret the past so they can better understand the present and intelligently anticipate the future. Through the Great Cities Program, you’ll also have the opportunity to deepen your study of history and culture by traveling the world.


  • International Business

    Embark on a successful global business career with a degree in International Business from RWU. Our program combines a solid business core with studies in international finance, management, marketing, economics, foreign language and trade with the European Union. Through internships, study abroad experiences and exchange programs, you’ll gain hands-on experience as you learn how to think globally about business.

  • International Relations

    At RWU, our interdisciplinary International Relations major celebrates human endeavor, diversity and opportunity by drawing upon subjects like history, sociology, economics, foreign language and political science. Through internships, study abroad and specialization in either globalization, culture or area studies, you’ll learn the practical diplomacy, communication and critical thinking skills needed to help make a difference in the world in careers such as government, consulting and intelligence.


  • Journalism

    Students in our Journalism program become more than just great writers. Through rigorous coursework and real-world experience at internships and the weekly student newspaper, you’ll learn how to gather news, report current events in an ethical manner and use a variety of different platforms, including emerging digital media, to communicate with the world as a reporter, editor, broadcaster or correspondent.


  • Latin American and Latino Studies

    Explore the people, languages, history, cultures and politics of Latin America in this interdisciplinary program, which blends classroom study with community-based learning and study abroad opportunities. Latin American and Latino Studies can enhance any career path -- from business and law to journalism and the arts -- by expanding your knowledge of Latin America’s diversity, influence and evolving relationship with the U.S.

  • Legal Studies

    In Legal Studies, you’ll develop the critical and analytical thinking, writing and reasoning skills necessary to examine all perspectives on issues. Our students study topics like ethics, conflict resolution and social justice to understand the profound effect of the law on people’s everyday experiences. Combined with a required second major and advising from attorney faculty members, you’ll be prepared for law school or a legal career such as a mediator, court reporter or claims examiner.

    Graduate program offerings available


  • Management

    As a Management major, you’ll learn how to lead organizations through complex decisions such as budgeting, negotiating, planning and directing. Because these decisions have broad impacts throughout an organization, RWU’s curriculum encourages you to think about dynamics like diversity, ethics and politics in the workplace. Combined with hands-on internship experience, you’ll gain the management skills for a successful career in human resources, purchasing, administrative services, health services, or your own entrepreneurial venture.

  • Marine Biology

    Dive headfirst into the study of oceanography, marine ecology, fisheries biology and more with a degree in Marine Biology. Situated on Mount Hope Bay in RWU’s state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building -- home to an aquatic animal diagnostic lab and the state’s only shellfish hatchery -- the Marine Biology program teaches students to discover the aquatic world through lectures, labs, fieldwork and independent research in preparation for careers as scientists and educators.

  • Marketing

    A degree in Marketing is the key to learning how to sell -- leading you to careers in advertising, brand management, market research, digital marketing and more. You’ll explore topics like targeting, pricing, distribution and consumer behavior to understand how to grow and nurture loyal customers. With tracks in communications or analysis and internships built into the curriculum, RWU will prepare you for the dynamic field of marketing in our global economy.

  • Mathematics

    A degree in Mathematics from RWU is an excellent foundation for graduate study and a wealth of careers in fields such as science, computers, engineering and business. Our program blends a rigorous study of math theory with flexible electives and research conducted with faculty. You’ll learn how to interpret data and use mathematical reasoning to analyze and solve problems.

  • Middle School Certification

    When you become certified to teach middle school, you’ll learn how to help students at this critical age build upon fundamentals learned in elementary school and prepare for high school. RWU’s Middle School Certification provides Elementary and Secondary Education graduates with additional tools to succeed in the middle school classroom, including how to build a curriculum, instruct students and assess their development.

  • Military Science

    When you are called to serve in the U.S. Army, you can begin your training through RWU’s Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program. You’ll advance your leadership skills to prepare for the Army and gain access to new scholarship opportunities. Upon completion of the Military Science program, you will be eligible to be commissioned into the Army.

  • Modern Languages

    When you learn a foreign language, you open up a world of job possibilities, from translator to educator to a career abroad. At RWU, you can major in one of five modern languages (French, German, Italian, Chinese or Spanish), Latin American Studies or Classical Studies. With training in our state-of-the-art interactive language lab and abundant opportunities to study abroad, you’ll master your foreign language and become an asset in our globalized workforce.

  • Music

    RWU’s unique and intimate Music program layers the exploration of world cultures on top of a solid foundation in theory, history and composition. All Music students take private lessons, perform with an ensemble and specialize in either technology or culture. With opportunities to take additional coursework in professional fields like business, communication or computer science, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of music careers.


  • Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

    Beginning with drawing, VARTS students learn to translate their experience of the world around them into mark, line and tone. Painting, both water-based and oil, provides an exploration of color principles and behaviors. Printmaking offers a bridge between drawing and painting in graphic form. In all media, contemporary practices as well as art-historical precedents are emphasized.

  • Performing Arts

    The interdisciplinary Performing Arts program is designed for multi-talented students who do not want to confine themselves to studying only dance, music or theatre. With opportunities to customize your studies, join on-campus performances and study abroad through the RWU London Theatre Program, you’ll develop your skills for a variety of arts careers including performance, education and management.

  • Philosophy

    At RWU, our Philosophy students learn to think critically and build logical arguments: about our assumptions and values as a society, about the positions of history’s major philosophers and about the nature of knowledge itself. The writing, reading and problem-solving skills you develop through discussions, debates and your senior thesis will lay a foundation for success in fields like law and academia.

  • Photography and Digital Media

    The idea that light forms an image is central to the discipline of photography, beginning with film-based camera and darkroom work. Traditional and digital photography are the means to focus on content, process, conceptualization, and innovation in photographic image making.

  • Physics

    Study the fundamental science of Physics at RWU, where you’ll learn math, computational and theoretical skills you can apply to any liberal arts or professional degree. Our Physics program offers classes in topics like advanced calculus, astronomy and quantum mechanics, which can help you prepare for taking standardized tests necessary for admission into graduate study in medicine, law, engineering and more.

  • Political Science

    Political Science examines the institutions that govern our societies and the policy decisions that affect every part of our lives. At RWU, you’ll sharpen your thinking, writing and debate skills in classes such as American politics, international relations, comparative politics, political theory and public administration. Combined with real-world internship experience -- locally and in Washington, D.C. -- you’ll be prepared for a career in law, business, public policy or education.

  • Pre-Dentistry

    Dental School admission depends on grade point average, Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores, writing/personal statement, work and leadership experience, and specific coursework. Although there is no single degree that pre-dental students are required to earn, many pursue Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry major/minors because these best match DAT topics, which include three years of advanced biology and chemistry.

  • Pre-Law

    Earn a bachelor’s and juris doctor degree in six years through RWU's Juris Doctor/Bachelor's 3+3 Program (J.D.) program. Get a jump-start on your J.D. by integrating law courses into your undergraduate studies. Accepted students will take first-year courses in the School of Law along with legal electives to fulfill undergraduate fourth-year requirements. Interested students must indicate their intent to pursue a 3+3 pathway early in their undergraduate studies for curriculum planning and advising.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Pre-Medicine

    Roger Williams University offers individualized advising and guidance for students planning for careers in the health professions after they graduate. Our Pre-Medicine track assists students throughout their undergraduate career and beyond, beginning with course selection and career exploration, continuing with support around gaining required clinical and extracurricular experience, and culminating with 1-1 support through the med school application process.

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy

    The Pre-Occupational Therapy track at Roger Williams University is designed to prepare students for entry to most occupational therapy programs. RWU's pre-professional advisor will provide customized support with regards to pre-requisites for particular occupational therapy programs.

  • Pre-Optometry

    The Pre-Optometry Track at RWU is designed to prepare students for entry to all US optometry schools. Students interested in this track will work with the Pre-Health Director to design their program of study to ensure they take the proper prerequisite courses for entry. Students can pursue almost any major for entry into optometry school, although most select at least one major offered through SSNS. Please also make sure to consult with a faculty advisor in your academic area to ensure graduation in a timely manner.

  • Pre-Pharmacy

    In the Pre-Pharmacy track, students complete a list of courses required for entry into Pharmacy school. A Pre-Professional Advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs.

  • Pre-Physical Therapy

    The Pre-Physical Therapy track allows students to complete the courses required for application to most Physical Therapy schools along with the required completion of a BA/BS degree. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular physical therapy programs.

  • Pre-Physician Assistant

    RWU's Pre-Physician Assistant track allows students to complete the courses required for admission to PA school. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs.

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

    RWU's Pre-Veterinary Medicine track allows students to complete courses required for admission to Veterinary school. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs. The science courses required for admission fit readily into a Biology degree.

  • Preservation Studies

    As one of the oldest programs of its kind in America, Preservation Studies and Practices at RWU couples multidisciplinary coursework in subjects like history, architecture, law and economics with rigorous field-based professional workshops and internships. Because preservation is as much about people and place as it is about history, you’ll study historic buildings, landscapes and communities both here in New England and abroad in Florence, Italy.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Professional and Public Writing

    This minor aims to prepare students to write confidently and effectively in professional and public situations. Students can choose to focus on professional writing, where they analyze and produce genres required by employers; public writing, where they study and engage in meaningful social action through written texts; or a combination of courses tailored to the student’s own interests. Students will write purposefully, imaginatively, and persuasively in, across, and beyond their college courses. The minor provides excellent preparation for students whether they are pursuing graduate school, law school, or want a significant edge in the professional world or within their communities.

  • Psychology

    Critical thinking, openness to new worldviews and an appreciation for diversity -- these are the values that a degree in Psychology provides. At RWU, you’ll learn how to apply these skills to research that helps solve problems in our community and society. Our Psychology students are prepared for graduate school as well as a wide range of careers, including human resources, management, marketing and education.

    Graduate program offerings available
  • Public Health

    Embrace your role as a world citizen through the study of Public Health, an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the health of populations at the local, national and global levels. You’ll tackle a broad range of pressing health topics, from food safety to infectious diseases to climate change, as you prepare for a career managing and evaluating programs that keep our communities safe from illness and injury.

  • Public Humanities and Arts

    Students will discover relevant principles and practices in Public Humanities and Arts, including scholarship, pedagogy, production, exhibition, preservation, and administration.

  • Public Relations

    A degree in Public Relations gives you the strategic communication skills to create, promote and maintain the reputation of brands, people and organizations. You’ll build your portfolio with real clients, network with professionals through RWU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and complete an internship to gain real-world experience in corporate, nonprofit and agency public relations.


  • Real Estate

    The master's degree, graduate certificate, and minor offerings in Real Estate prepare students and professionals to embrace the full spectrum of real estate theory and practice in areas of design, finance, management, construction, regulatory affairs, environmental conditions, and social policy.

    Graduate program offerings available


  • Sculpture and Ceramics

    Students develop an understanding of materials and form in the sculpture as well as ceramics studios. The student’s conceptual intentions and how they take place in form are expanded and challenged in all 3-dimensional media as we connect making to meaning. The relationship of site to space and inquiry into the nature of contemporary sculptural issues are important explorations for the sculptor and student.

  • Secondary Education

    A degree in Secondary Education gives you the foundation to become a high school teacher in math, science, English, dance, foreign language, history or social studies. At RWU, all of our Secondary Education students double major in a discipline related to their area of certification. Combined with field experiences and student teaching, you’ll gain the deep subject matter knowledge and real-world teaching experience needed to succeed.

  • Security Assurance Studies

    Security in the 21st century transcends law enforcement and government service to encompass many disciplines -- and many avenues to career success. As a Security Assurance Studies major, you’ll learn how to become a security professional who makes sound decisions in the face of dynamic local, national and global issues. This broad interdisciplinary program allows you to specialize in the area of security that interests you most, whether that’s foreign languages or computer science.

  • Special Education

    The Master of Arts in Special Education program is designed to prepare teachers for supporting students of all abilities. Available with full-time and part-time options, the program provides flexibility for both recent graduates and working educators who seek additional licensure in elementary special education or secondary special education.

  • Sports Studies

    The interdisciplinary Sports Studies Minor will help students across various majors become well-versed in the issues in the sports world, helping prepare them for possible employment in this growing and exciting industry. Students will have the opportunity to take course work from across multiple disciplines, while also completing an internship in a sports-related field. Students must complete the 2 required courses, and 9 additional credits, 3 of which come from a sports-related internship.

  • STEAM Education

    The STEAM Education minor provides opportunities to explore the connections between Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), the Arts (A), and Mathematics (M) from the perspective of working with children and adolescents. The mission of this minor is to prepare students to work in a variety of settings, such as after-school programs, science centers, community-based organizations or schools to inspire, mentor and motivate young learners to aspire to 21st Century careers. This minor is open to all students.

  • Sustainability Studies

    Sustainability Studies at RWU is all about seeking solutions to the Earth’s most pressing problems. By combining ideas from a variety of disciplines -- from science and humanities to business, engineering and architecture -- you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the complex relationships among environmental, social and economic issues that will help guide your decision-making in your career and as a 21st century citizen.


  • Theatre

    Theatre at RWU is an intensive program that blends classroom, backstage and performance experience to give our students a well-rounded general mastery of all areas of the theatre arts. Through specialization options in acting, design and production and a semester-long London Theatre Program, you’ll learn the practical and professional skills needed to pursue careers in film, television, live theatre, education and business.


  • Undeclared

    From planning your path to finding it, RWU's Academic Exploration Program supports you whether you have an idea of your major, are split between majors, or still searching for the perfect program for you!

    From Day 1, undeclared students are intentionally matched with career and academic advisors to help you find the best program and path for you.

  • Urban Studies

    For the first time in human history, the majority of people on earth live in urban settings. RWU’s multidisciplinary Urban Studies program immerses you in studying the unique culture and dynamics of cities through subjects such as sociology, political science and architecture. You’ll learn how city dwellers live, behave and face persistent problems, which can inform a wide variety of careers including social and community service, education, public policy, historic preservation and law.

    In Person


  • Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts department at Roger Williams University prepares students for future careers in the arts with an interdisciplinary spirit and a global perspective. The Visual Arts faculty consists of active artists who share their experience with students through lively and challenging discussions and critiques. Media exploration is encouraged throughout the program and culminates in the creation of a cohesive body of work that reflects the individual student’s interests.


  • Web Development

    At RWU, Web Development majors don’t just design, develop and deploy state-of-the-art websites. They solve problems for real-world clients by learning the latest technical, programming and design skills such as mobile and e-commerce, combined with complementary coursework in fields like marketing, cybersecurity or business. Through professional internships and portfolio-building projects, you’ll graduate ready to meet the growing demand for web developers.